Course platforms…

If you teach in any 21st century university you have surely encountered the dreaded “course platform”, supposedly a productivity tool for faculty and students. The people who built them have learned nothing from the Apple/Design Thinking that puts simplicity and ease of use first. 

Course platforms are horribly overfeatured, with inscrutable, impossible to navigate interfaces that seem designed by troglodytes trained at Microsoft — before Microsoft saw the light (kind of)

Worse yet, each year the platforms are “improved”, which is to say more features are added and the user interfaces revamped, rendering everything you learned last year useless.

So you have to go off whimpering for more help, more hand-holding, more training.. which may be the point of the exercise: lifelong dependency masquerading as lifelong learning.

It makes you feel like Buckley wanting to “stand athwart history, yelling Stop”