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Just completed case-history of Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG)

Srikant Datar, Fabio Villa, and I are happy (and relieved) to complete this case history on the evolution of coronary bypass operations. This is by FAR the hardest writing I’ve ever attempted: the story is incredibly complex, and I knew nothing the topic when I started. Fabio bailed us out with his expertise — and patience with my profound ignorance. (He’s a heart surgeon, turned psychiatrist.)

Katherine Stebbins’s and Caitlin Bowler’s research and writing was crucial in the other cases (links below).

The narratives have been filtered through a thesis about practical knowledge, although the cases do not explicitly advance an “argument.” A planned book compilation of the cases will clarify.

If you can’t wait, this manifesto-like syllabus outlines my general thesis of practical knowledge and an earlier Critical Review essay how this applies medicine.

Any and all comments, especially pointing out mistakes, most welcome.

Complete list of links to case histories, authors alphabetical.

Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (Bhidé, Datar, Villa)

Eradicating Helicobacter Pylori Infections to Treat Ulcers (Bhidé, Datar, Stebbins)

HIV Tests and AIDS Treatments (Bhidé, Datar, Stebbins)

Ultrasound. (Bhidé, Datar, Stebbins)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Bhidé, Datar, Stebbins)

Mammography (Bhidé, Datar, Stebbins)

Laparoscopy (Bhidé, Bowler, Datar)

Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (Bhidé, Datar, Stebbins)

Computed Tomography (Bhidé, Datar, Stebbins)

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