Case Teaching Highs

In less than nine months, I’ve put 15 case studies through the HBS system, which may be a record for a single submitter. (About 10 were reconfigured working papers, but they still had to be turned into a teaching product.)

As of next Thursday, I had hoped to have taught all 15 in my Transformational Medical Innovations course. (Teaching a new full credit elective with all new cases might be a record too).

Regardless, yesterday’s class upset the plan. I assigned two cases — and invited a superstar cancer researcher Michel Sadelain, as the guest for the first of them. I thought I’d teach the case for about 45 minutes, turn it over to Michel for 15-20 minutes and then move on to the next case. (I had been told Michel didn’t have much time).

About 30-40 minutes into the case discussion, I asked Michel if he could stay a little bit longer.

He said he was finding the discussion fascinating so I should take as long as I liked.

Long story short. Never got to the second case. And Michel was inspirational. Just stellar.

And it may be the best class I have ever had. It is a high that’s hard to describe.

The other guests and classes have been uppers as well.

I am one lucky dude to have had this chance, if only once.

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