Course Evaluations did not disappoint

The new course on medical innovations I developed and  just taught at HBS started disastrously.

Fortunately, miraculously, by the end of the term, I thought it was the most substantive course I had ever taught, but it was far from the smoothest and I was on tenterhooks about what the student evaluations would say.

They did not disappoint. I have never received so much feedback about case quality. That to me was also the biggest unknown (I believe that after 30+ years I’m now an adequate teacher): could really dense, technical/historical cases with no protagonist “work” in an HBS class? Fortunately, the answer at least for students who chose to stick with the course seems to be yes – though a lot of work remains to realize the potential.

But where?

It’s a pity that after investing heavily in the offbeat experiment, HBS can’t/won’t see a way to continue it. Anticipating just this, I had started talking to places where there might be a better fit for the course even before I started teaching it. I hope the evaluations help, and as Mr. Micawber said, something is bound to show up!

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