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First book blurb (from one of my heroes)

Just received this email from one of my heroes. A good man and true. (America missed out on his service, unfortunately). I will leave it to you to guess who…

I love the cover and the title. I’m glad you kept “uncertainty” in it. To me understanding uncertainty is the key to understanding our emerging world.

Here is my quote:
“Amar Bhide has written an important book. It provides a wide-ranging and wonderful guide for flourishing in an uncertain world that is rapidly changing on economic, technological, political and social levels..He shows that our destiny doesn’t have to be controlled by authoritarian government or impersonal scientific forces. It can be a world we shape. All we have to do is make the effort as citizens to understand our time, hold true to our democratic traditions, and honor our best selves.”

Feel free to use any portion of the quote or the whole thing for your purposes. I look forward to giving the book to all my friends interested in uncertainty.

I never will forget your comment after hearing my reading of Rolling Along in Jim’s living room at the very beginning of the effort. I think you compared it to “Our Town” which was the ultimate compliment for me. Thanks again. It’s now on MAX.