Links to Case-histories of Significant Medical Advances

The case-histories provide an important example of the development of practical knowledge.

Although none contains an explicit “argument”, propositions spelled out in my practical knowledge syllabus played an important role in constructing the cases. Reciprocally, the case writing (started in 2014) shaped the propositions.

We plan to make the connections more explicit in a book that will use the propositions in the syllabus to weave the stories together. The book will also extend the thesis of this Critical Review essay.

Links to the cases we have posted on SSRN are below. (Authors in alphabetical order)

Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (Bhidé, Datar, Villa)

Eradicating Helicobacter Pylori Infections to Treat Ulcers (Bhidé, Datar, Stebbins)

HIV Tests and AIDS Treatments (Bhidé, Datar, Stebbins)

Ultrasound. (Bhidé, Datar, Stebbins)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Bhidé, Datar, Stebbins)

Mammography (Bhidé, Datar, Stebbins)

Laparoscopy (Bhidé, Bowler, Datar)

Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (Bhidé, Datar, Stebbins)

Computed Tomography (Bhidé, Datar, Stebbins)